The Oakes Hotel Overlooking The Falls
The Oakes Hotel Overlooking The Falls
6546 Fallsview Blvd.,
Niagara Falls ON
Reservations: 1-800-461-1251
Hotel: 905-356-4514
Oakes Hotel lobby
 View of falls from hotel

Quick Look: Falls view is gorgeous; easy parking and entrance; large room; queen bed on platform; roll-in shower but no hand-held shower head; Applebee's Restaurant; close to casino.


Number of rooms in the hotel: 246 - number of accessible rooms: 2

If you're seeking accommodations in a smaller more intimate setting then this hotel could be just the ticket and the name aptly describes its most impressive location. It is also next door to the new casino. The two accessible rooms are 321 and 421 and both are non-smoking with incredible views. We audited Room 421.

PARKING: There are two designated parking spots to the left of the hotel entrance by the on-site Applebee's Restaurant. At the time of our original visit the ground was snow covered with rather high snow banks so it was impossible to get a clear view of the designated parking. The hotel's main parking lot is at the rear of the hotel but the rear entrance to the hotel is not accessible as there are steps to navigate. Valet parking is available 24 hours a day during peak season.  

ENTRANCE & DOORS: The entrance to the hotel is flat with automatic doors.

LOBBY: Once inside, the registration desk is directly in front of you with the bellman desk on your right. Neither desk has a lowered section but staff will gladly come around to assist you. This hotel has made some major changes with new additions, and at the time of our visit the lobby was not fully furnished, but it does feature a desk and a computer with Internet and an awesome view of the falls.
There is a gift shop located down the hall to the left of the registration desk that is open during peak season. A low pay phone is on the wall near the gift shop.

ELEVATORS, HALLS & ROOM ENTRANCES: The elevator keys, which are low, all have Braille under them. Of special interest is the fact that the high-speed elevators are glass enclosed giving you a view of the outside scenery.
The halls are not overly bright but quite adequate. Room 421 is straight ahead and a few steps to the right as you exit the elevator. It is the end room. Although there is no Braille on the doors, the room numbers are raised. Entry is with a plastic card key. There is a ¼" lip into the room and the doorway is 34" wide with no lowered peephole in the door. Doors have lever handles. The night lock on the door also needs to be lowered.
The entrance hallway is 50" wide with a lowered light switch on the wall to the right. Accessible vending machines are located down the hall to the left.

Queen on platform
Room between bed and TV
 Far end, curtains closed
near window

BEDROOM: The room, which is bright, features a queen size bed on a platform recessed 5 ¼". There is a closet on your right as you enter but it is opposite the bed with 36" of space between the foot of the bed and the dresser. A remote colour TV sits on the dresser. Bedside tables are on both sides of the bed with a phone and lamp on the left side and a clock and lamp on the right. There is also a lamp on the desk and a floor lamp beside the dresser. All table lamps have pushbutton switches, while the floor lamp has a step-on switch on the floor. (You could run a wheelchair or scooter over the floor switch to activate the lamp.) A single pedestal table and chairs are placed in front of the full-length windows. And the pièce de résistance is the breathtaking million-dollar view of the falls and Niagara River, just about as close as one can be from a hotel room.
The room also offers sufficient space for ease of mobility, with 59" between the right side of the bed and the wall, 43" from the bed to the table, and 6' between the window and the bed.
The heat/cooling system is low and operated with twist knobs. There is a 12" high electrical outlet in the hallway, on the left as you enter the room and another one 16" high on the wall to the right of the bed. Room service is available.

 Top of shower (note no hand-held)
 Floor - very nice roll-in (tiny lip inside)
Pedestal sink and toilet

BATHROOM: It's a bathroom to get excited about, but with one exception. It features a 53" by 56" lighted roll-in shower, which is a rare commodity in the hotels that Accessible Niagara has currently audited, but has no hand-held shower head. There is a very slight slope and a ¼" lip down into the shower.
The door of the bathroom is 32" wide and stays wide open for easy access.
There is a lovely pedestal sink with lift-type faucet and a low glass shelf suspended just above the sink to accommodate personal items. You would have to bring your own hair dryer.
The toilet is 16" high, has a back on it, with grab bars on the wall.
There is a double outlet 36" high on the wall to the left of the sink.
Towels are draped over a rack 57" high on the wall behind the toilet, but you could probably reach to pull them down.
Manoeuvrability poses no problem in this bathroom, as there is 58" between the wall and the left of the toilet and 87" from the wall at the back of the toilet to the shower.

POOL: The hotel has a pool area with whirlpool and sauna, but is not accessible.

Bar in Applebee's

 The carousel horse is often used in Niagara as 
decor as there is a vintage carousel in Port Dalhousie.

RESTAURANT: Applebee's Neighbourhood Grill and Bar is open on-site for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks. During the off-season, the restaurant is open Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m. to 12 midnight and Sat. 7 a.m. to midnight. Peak season hours are 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.
You can access Applebee's by exiting the hotel through the main door, going through the parking lot and entering through Applebee's main door, which is automatic, into a small foyer, then through a second automatic door into the
restaurant. A second option is to go down the hall to the left of the hotel lobby, towards the gift shop, turn left, exit the hotel through a side door, wheel down a canopied walkway and enter Applebee's foyer through a manual side door.
The restaurant seats a total of 223 (including the bar stools) and has ramps to dining areas furnished with booths and tables and chairs.

Accessible washroom: Applebee's has an accessible washroom featuring a large stall with a baby change table. The door just pushes open and has a U-shaped handle on the inside with a slide lock. The toilet is 17 ½" high, has no back attached, and has grab bars. With a little manoeuvring it is possible to turn around in the stall on a scooter. There are two oval sinks with lever handles. The hand dryer is set too high for someone in a wheelchair and in order to reach the paper towels you would have to be able to reach overhead as the towel holder is head-high.

Billed as the closest hotel to the Horseshoe Falls, The Oakes Hotel has been transformed into a modern glass and steel building offering an incredible view. It is above the falls and you need to get down to the falls by going down the hill which can be done several ways or Niagara River Taxi can take you down. And if you would like another vantage point to view the amazing cataract you could take the elevator to the 14th floor observation level. It is also right next door to the Fallsview Casino. 
You can also visit their website for special packages and promotions.

Views from the hotel

 Audited January 2004 - updated June 2009